Friday, January 19, 2007

G is for Gina


  And H is for Happy Birthday Gina, and many more.


U is for United.  This is a wall hanging I have in my bedroom.  It was made by a local woman and is hand sewn and hand painted.  I bought it at auction and all the proceeds went to the 9-11 fund.

Monday, January 15, 2007


                           T is for Time


S is for Snow of which we have way to much of right now and it is also going to be my pick for Johns Monday Photo assignment.  Looking out your window what do you see.  Well, it was the door but it will work.  This is what we see today.



R is for Rick, my hubby




Q is for the Queen of Peace.  This lovely statue is 30 feet tall and the Jesus is 33 feet tall.  They are made of stainless steel.  Both very impressive even if your not catholic.

Whoops, forgot N and then P

  N is for another Nest

P is for Parrot

L & M & O

L is for leaves and M is for my favorite McCoy Vase.  Then because we can't get out because of the storm I will be lazy and O is for orange :-)


                      K is for Kraut


J is for Jesus


I for inches, 7 + to be exact

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Some Deer Pictures

   I haven't shown any deer pictures lately.  Since Mommy Dearest died it is harder to get them to sit still.  There were about 9 in the yard eating up all my bird seed today and at the edge of the woods they did stop briefly.  Full coated for the winter they look fatter and healthier then they do at other times.

Friday, January 12, 2007

H..... again

    H is for Halo

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Starting over the right way with G

  I have been sick the last few days and let my fevered brain get my carried away.  Erika wants new pictures making the hunt more interesting.  Since Greg helped me fix my camera and I am finally feeling better I am started over again from G.  Sorry Erika, Can I still play?

  So here is my new G.  Grapes, yes I know they are plastic but hey. :-)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Macro Shots

Elsa Kawai: Portfolio - Macro Photography    She did a entry on Micro pictures and invites us to show some of our attempts.  She shows some great tips I will use next time.  Here are some from my archives.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Last but definately not least is my wonderful dog Zoey

    Now I don't know if you were suppose to use pictures from your files or new ones but I was having trouble with my camera (Thanks Greg) and it is duller then sin around here in the winter.  If we do it again in the summer I will do a photo hunt and look for all the letters.


           Y is for Yellow


    X is for X Box 360,( well my son thinks its cool!)


                             W is for Waterfall


              V is for Vultures


        U is for Under the overlook( does this count?)


          T is for Tunnel


                   S is for Steps


               R is for River


                 Q is for Quonset Huts


            P is for Pelican


           O is for Orange bug



                        N is for Nest


                  M is for Mushroom


                      L is for Leaf


                          K is for kettle


                          J is for Jazz


                     I is for Insect ( I am trying to get a little ahead since I work tomorrow)


                     H is for Horse          


                                     G is for Gnome


  I was torn on this one as I had 2 pictures I wanted to use..... so I did.

                      F........  Fawns

               F..... Flower


  This was a little harder but I did find this,

 E             Engine

Monday, January 8, 2007


  Now I know you knew what this would be Greg.

   D..... Deer



C is for ....Cicada


  B is for..... Butterfly

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