Thursday, January 11, 2007

Starting over the right way with G

  I have been sick the last few days and let my fevered brain get my carried away.  Erika wants new pictures making the hunt more interesting.  Since Greg helped me fix my camera and I am finally feeling better I am started over again from G.  Sorry Erika, Can I still play?

  So here is my new G.  Grapes, yes I know they are plastic but hey. :-)


nhd106 said...

Nice of you to try and "play fair"!
Who knew the rules anyway?
PS  Feel better!

cutebutpsycho028 said...

Of course you can still do it! You can do it however you want to, I just like to find new ones to make it more challenging! :) I loved ALL your photos! And even though these are plastic, that's still a really cool close-up!

Erika :)

radar446 said...

As a kid I might have nibbled on a few plastic this is as good as the real thing.


rbrown6172 said...

:)  i didn't realize the rules either...but don't think i'm going to start over.  i just don't have the time right now to look for new pics....but i'm having fun anyway.  :)  love your new 'g' pic.

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