Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring IS around the corner

   Look what I saw on my lilac bush.

    In addition to the buds the ditches are running full as the winter melts away.

          The old bike buried all winter by snow is mostly uncovered.  Now this old bike is not my bike I use.  It is from the 60's and I plant flowers around it in the spring.  It looks lovely then but it is so our of kilter that it will never hit the trails again.

        All the ice on my windmill is gone

    And if you look close you can see the drop of melting snow hit the ground.

          But some things, even with color added.....remain dead.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last of the favorites.

  These are all old shots that for various reasons I count as my favorites.  The one below, well it is just cute.  The deer are always at my feeders and bird baths and I take many shots of them.  Most are just another deer but some I like.

  I got many shots of this dragonfly.  I swear it posed for me and followed me around while I was outside.  I was practicing working on my focus and it proved a good subject to focus on.

    A early morning lazy hike, just a pretty new day

    Now doesn't she look happy, we just had a nice hike

    I actually get birds at my feeders also when the deer leave them something.

    The babies are always so curious about  you so make good subjects, Just watch out for mama.

   I took this picture below years ago with my first 35 mm

    This sour puss looking bird just needed it picture taken.

   I loved this shot from the minute I saw how it turned out.

My Favorite shots from last year.

Zoey just because she is my favorite dog.

  Love the color of the berries and I was pleased with this shot.

   This one was played with when I had my PSP.  Miss that program.

   The last bridge on my 126 mile bicycle ride.   Loved that bridge as I was so tired.

   I really liked this shot with the butterflys.  I hadn't seen the yellow one until I downloaded the shot.

   More butterflys, so pretty.

   This was my favorite deer, Mommy Deerest.   I miss her.  She was always pretty easy going and I could sit at the table and shoot away while she ignoredme.  She would get close enough I could have touched her but I never tried.

   I liked the dew on the grass on this shot and actually had to lay on it to get the best shot.

   Perfect place to rest after a bike ride.


  Look at the old bricks and metal on this building.  Just had to get a shot

    A beautiful bike trail

  I love taking shots of old barns.

   This was in Oct.  We sat outside and had a beer while listening to jazz.  Perfect.  I gave them this shot framed which pleased them.

   Love nature shots

  And my bug shots.  Great way to practice focusing and macro and bugs are just cool aren't they.

   Here bunny bunny.

  Isn't this just the meanest looking bird.

   I took shots at my sons race of the riders.  They looked so intense coming up this huge hill.

   Another cool bug shot.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do you see what I see?

                 One of my marbles

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Great black and white photography site

I was looking for a certain photographer and came across this site.  Wonderful black and white photo's.  Check it out.  Makes me want to go out with my setting on black and white.

Black & White

Gibson Collection

Community Photo Shoot.

      I had this in my other journal and decided to put it here also as I like it.  It was taken in the late afternoon and I liked the way the corn fields looked.  This is typical Iowa countryside in the winter.

      I am honored to have received the first place price with my photo.  Thank you everyone.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Community Photo Challenge

AOL Community Challenge-LOVE

With Valentine's day upon us this month, our next challenge was suggested by Betty.
Of course, this can be of anything that represents love.  There are many forms of love, so this should be an easy challenge. 
Love is all around us......so find it, capture it, or just use a photo from the past, that says it!

             I took this picture 7 years ago so it is not new for sure but it shows love.  My daughter in law with my new granddaughter.   When I worked in the nursery at the hospital we watched to see what type of eye contact parents made with their new baby.  It would give us a hint if there was a bonding issue.   This is the kind of eye contact we all loved to see.  It is not the best technical shot but I do like it.

    And just because her birthday is Valentines day, here is my grandaughter now.

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