Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Random Shots, some old film shots.

Fall is in the air soon to show its colors.

The fly, the fly.........

Something about weird bugs, what is this thing?

Another fly, they creep me out but pose so nicely.

A pretty bug that landed on my husbands arm.

Devils Tower, This is a old film shot, my first 35 mm camera.

Another old film shot, Angels Window at the Grand Canyon

Still old film I though this cool old tree looked cool while we were hiking.

The purple sky's of Wisconsin.
And the shoreline at Madeline Island.

Pigeon Point. Old film

And follow this path to see a view to die for.

UP Michigan shoreline. I always wanted to go back. Hopefully someday.

And once again, sunrise on the river walk in town..

The old barns of Iowa.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guess who came to Dinner?

Looking scruffy and thin..... but alive, what a nice surprise. They must have liked the bread I put out for the birds.

The abscess between the mother dears legs has gone down alot. And you can barely see where she was shot. Her pretty summer coat is almost gone. And whatever was wrong with her mouth seems to be fine.

The fawn still looks like it is matted in weeds but not as bad. And it looks pretty bright eyed doesn't it.

The photo's are terrible because I was shooting from the window and they are so twitchy if I made any noise they would both get ready to jump.

And then I was happy to see the missing twin I hadn't seen in weeks stroll into the yard. Looking just as scruffy. I hadn't seen the three of them together for weeks.

So then when they left some other visitors came to finish up the bread with their babies. Oh goody. More turkeys.

Watery Wednesday #50

From my archives I found this blue shot of the lake at Yellowstone. Perfect for Watery Wednesday. To see more liquid shots from around the world click here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Macro Monday

The joys of summer and fresh Iowa corn.. For more Macro Monday shots Visit Lisa's Chaos by clicking here.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Was a Sunny Day

Natures Sorrow

So maybe not a happy ending after all. 2 days ago the mother showed up to eat with both fawns. I could tell something was wrong. Her tongue was hanging out and she had trouble keeping it in her mouth. She could eat but had trouble controlling her tongue, it just keep flopping out. On the side of her mouth was a large marble size growth. Weeds were all over her. She looked thin.

Yesterday and today just one fawn is coming. Covered with weeds. Usually the mother will keep the coat cleared. I searched the woods with my eyes and no other deer to be found. Faintly in the wind a smell of carrion.

There is not much to do. I could put out more food in the bird feeders but I don't think the fawn is old enough to survive alone. If I call the pound they will say to just leave it. Maybe the mother is still around. My gut tells me not though. I have been watching these deer for 13 years. You learn their patterns. And its so cute.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A while back I showed a shot of a deer that had been shot in the chest. Over the next few weeks she developed a large abscess on her breastbone area. It got larger and larger and she started to limp and grew thin. I knew she was nursing and worried about the fawns. And then 3 weeks went by. No mother deer until yesterday. Then she showed up with 2 fawns and surprisingly 3 bucks. They don't usually hang around together this time of year. And she looks better. The swelling is down.

The bucks are all going through their molt, shedding the red coat of summer and getting the grayer coat of fall. Velvet still covers their horns. So I am happy. More babies to watch though she doesn't bring them as often as Mommy Deerest, pictured below did.

Mommy Deerest. My favorite deer has been gone about 2 years now. She was very calm and let me stand there and take photo's of her and the babies in my back yard without getting nervous. In fact I had to be careful or the babies would come right up to me. Not sure what Mommy Deerest would have done then, LOL.

To give you an idea of how close they got this was before my new camera and zoom lens. I could have reached out and touched them a couple of times. But I knew that was just asking for trouble. Deer can be very fast and we have been chased by the bucks occasionally.

These fawns were Mommy Deerest's fawns. I hope to get closer ones of the new babies but this mother, rightly so, is a lot more timid and hugs the woods.

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