Monday, March 31, 2008

What they originally looked like.

         The room below is my MIL's soon to be my sons home.

        Now the photo below I had used in a challenge last year and made septa at that time.  The original is one a disc and I am too lazy right now to sort through them but it is standing present day building in town.

   This is my bedroom, cluttered.....

Aging Frenzy

   I had so much fun with the aging challenge I went a little crazy with some old shots.

   The first is me and my brothers and sisters.  The only time I looked good in a swimsuit.  I am the oldest girl.  I aged it and added some grain to make it really look old, actually this is a pretty old picture.

           My bedroom

Pump Poster

Old Glory

Old quansa hut

My MIL's livingroom,  added to much grain to this one I think

   I like the way this old building looks.

And the bedroom rocker.

      I noticed the aging of the photo make them blurry so you have to sharpen them and then age them and add grain if you want to really age them.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Old Marbles

  As promised here are some of the old marbles I got from my FIL.  The ones that are really damaged I don't have out.  I keep them in some old jars.  They come in all different sizes from pee wee's to Shooters, clays to glass and some steel marbles also.  I have cat eye, banana slugs, clearies, onions, and more I don't know enough about to ID yet.  Some glow under a black light.

      Most in the jar below are cat eyes and banana slugs.

     Now the next 2 are my latest man made marbles.  Big and bold.  The first is about 1 1/2" pull and feather

And this big one is about 2" and reminds me of a tape worm with a gas bubble, LOL.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Community Photo Challenge

This week's challenge is AGED.  So find something that shows age or take an image & make it vintage or aged. 

Post your challenge entry on your blog, come back here & leave your link in the comment area on either the FUN or JUDGED category.

Please follow the basic guidelines & keep in mind the minor change.

Ok, sick to death of the marble yet, LOL.   This is a jar of my FIL's old marbles from the 30's 40's.   I antiqued them and added a antique frame.  Looks pretty cool if I may say so myself.  And I did take this photo a few minutes ago.  Ta DA!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Every Picture Tells A Story

Everyone get your cameras ready!  It's time to start "Every Picture Tells a Story".  Let's keep this simple and fun!

I will post a subject, you go photograph it and tell us the story behind the picture. :-)  It means using your camera, using your words and best of all getting to know each other at least a wee bit better! :-)

On Tuesdays I will post the subject and the following Monday I will post all the links to those who participate. 

Let's just get on it with it!

This weeks photo/story:

I collect ________________ (dust bunnies, spoons, dogs, rings, etc).  Share a photo of what you collect and tell us how or when you got started with the collection.  Is there something you are looking to add to the collection? 


    I collect pottery, mostly McCoy.  I like the earthy feel of their pottery and the glazes.  It started out as just one piece my MIL gave me and I found myself looking for it at the auctions I would go to.  Since I was a dealer I bought and sold it over the years and kept the best for myself.  By selling it it allowed to have the income to keep the best.  I have thinned my collection and this is just a few of them and just one of the things I collect.  You have all seen my marbles, LOL.

          And I know it just asked for one picture... but here are my hand made marbles.  I inherited my FIL's marbles.  There are a couple of hundred I display in neat old bottles.  They were used as he was quite the marble master as a child so they have dings and chips.  Researching them I found the wonderful world of hand made marbles.  True works of art in a small way.  So now I collect them also.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Community Photo Shoot, Green

   This was taken last Spring.  Nothing at all green around here yet.


(Deadline: The evening of Friday, March 21st)
They say that on St. Patrick's Day, the whole world is Irish. Well, you don't have to be Irish to find some green in your world. Whether it's a St. Paddy's Day parade, your aunt's green scarf or spring blossoms, shoot something green this week and share it with us.

          Tis Green for the wee lads and lassies.
  Thanks to all the judges.  I am honored.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photobucket updates

I use photobucket to store animated graphics and some of my photo's.  I will probably start doing it more.  Look at the neat new features.  I don't usually play with my photo's much but this could be fun, especially with a bad picture.  And don't I look great as a cat?  And its free!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jland Photo Shoot

  Photographer's Choice

This week photograph whatever you'd like.  If you don't have time to get out your camera, then pull something up from your files.  That's okay too.

     This is from my files.  I just like the peaceful feeling to this shot.  This is midway on one of our favorite bike trails.  We always stop and look at the river.  Sometimes we have lunch but it is always peaceful.  This was late in the afternoon. 

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