Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Way to many pictures.

  Call me lazy, its true.  I took a ton of pictures at the falls yesterday.  The water was roaring.  So different then when we were there 3 weeks ago.  I know I should just pick a few to show but am strapped for time so will just warn you.  Lots of pictures, lots of them similar.

   Sioux Falls granite is apparent on many of downtown buildings.  They are the same colors as the rocks in the falls.  What is weird about the falls is they foam this time of the year.  The water looks like you have dumped soap in it and foam is flying all over.  You can see it in some of the pictures.  The water also smells, sulfur dioxide I think. 

    I was very disturbed to see a ton of trash in the water and on the banks.  That really really ticks me off.  Pigs that can't pick up their garbage and dump it all over so the rest of us have to look at it.  Hundreds of pop bottles, water bottles, Styrofoam cups, makes me sick.  I see parents walking their children and toss their bottle on the ground.  Sometimes right by a garbage can. What kind of example are they setting? 


    I am very verbal about it when I see it.  I mean, we have a much bigger problem with the trash people are dumping all over then global warming.  I would much rather see them enforcing those laws then the new smoking laws.  Where are our priorities.  I guess since the government can't find a way to tax us for it they haven't paid it much attention.  Anyway, off my soap box.  Enjoy the pictures and look again at the frozen ones, quite a difference.


lindaggeorge said...

Some pretty amazing shots there.


mtrib2 said...

I viewed about 60 photos on my dial up which took about 45 min. while I went and did dishes and read.     The two ducks on the rocks in the oval is a well composed shot with the one duck looking right at the camera.     It will make a great card to send out for occassions.     The force of the falls is apparent from the many viewpoints.     The old building has shown its missing bricks from being battered.    I like the old fort shot behind it with the crumbled walls on part of it.     It takes many photos to get the few great one's I have found.     mark

rbrown6172 said...

some great pics...i think my favorite was the bulrushes reflected in the water...that really caught my eye.  i soooo agree with you about litter!!  i just dont understand how people can be so uncaring.

rjet33 said...

You have some really beautiful shots here, Julie.  The water does look like soap was added in lots of the shots.  I am with you about the litter.  The last time we went to Panama City Beach in Florida, it was quite littered even though there were trash barrels all around.  It makes me sick too because it so takes away from the beauty of nature.  Thanks for visiting my journal.  Sorry it took me so long to get back by.



nhd106 said...

I can almost hear the water rushing past me...great job.
As for the trash, I'm with you one hundred percent!   Yesterday, I saw a kid throw some papers on the ground, and I said my usual line.."Excuse me?  You dropped something".  They either pick it up, or get pretty embarrassed.


radar446 said...

Looks like we both had the same idea about the same time.  I too spend the day around waterfalls.  Makes for a great day dontcha think?  I agree about the disrespect people show when they just toss trash on the ground.  It is just too easy to find a trash can nearby, or just hold on to it till you find one.  One of the folks I met while at the falls went around with a pick-up stick and did his part to clean up the park area.  So, if it makes you feel better, there are plenty of others that feel the way you do, and are willing to do something about it.


acoward15 said...

We have the same litter problems here. Nobody seems to care. When I lived in New Zealand I hardly ever saw any litter. If people saw litter they picked it up, even if it wasn't theirs. They had pride and respect for their country.

nanmm11 said...

These are some lovely pics here and I love also taking pics of falls In New Hampshire as well on the Kangamangus Highway. It is a sad statement of our society when we see all the litter around such beauty. http://Journals.Aol.Com/Nanmm11/My Life and Loving It

memes121 said...

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gryphondear said...

We used to go through Souix Falls on a regular basis back in the early 70's. Then we moved away from Rapid City, and everyone we knew in Souix City moved to Omaha. Pretty country, as your photos bear out.

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