Saturday, April 21, 2007

Buds and Birds

  It seemed a long time coming in Iowa this year.  Spring, however, is here.


madcobug said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I sent your other entry and pictures of the Robin on her nest to my daughter in GA. she loved it. Helen

rbrown6172 said...

these are beautiful. don't ya just love spring??!!!  :)

mariebm56 said...

Lovely shots, especially the tree blossoms!

lanurseprn said...

I love your pictures!  They always manage to cheer me up.  Thanks Julie!

mtrib2 said...

The robin and I don't know what type of bird with striped head are splendid!    The flowers still in the blooming stage are really wonderful!     mark

radar446 said...

So glad spring has finally come you.  I'm even more happy that you have had a chance to capture it with your camera.


nhd106 said...

Very nice and cheery...thanks!
You are such a good photographer....


oddb0dkins said...

Love the pic of the bird in the bath, but then, what red blooded male wouldn't?  ;O)
B. x

lindaggeorge said...

Lovely pictures. We've been having an early summer here, I can see it ending in tears!!!


acoward15 said...

Spring is well and truly here!

acoward15 said...

You take some great photos. It's about time you posted some new ones.

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