Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Monday Photo Shoot

Monday Photo Shoot: Personal Gifts

Every now and again it's nice to do a little something for yourself -- and that's the theme of this week's Monday Photo Shoot:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of something nice/fun/interesting that you recently bought for yourself. That means something you bought because you said to yourself "hey, that would be nice to have," as opposed to, say "hey, this is something I have to get." So, for example, that package of tube socks that you just bought would not qualify for photo shoot -- but a pair of multicolored knee-high socks with kittens on them would. It's all about the delivery, you see.

    This was easy as for my birthday last month I bought myself something I had been wanting for awhile.  It is called Under Clouds of Gold and Greg Kiser of Four Forty-Six Photography took the shot.  It went wonderful with a similar picture I had and it had a perfect frame for it also.  Check out the one in his gallery as it is a better shot then the one I took with my camera, too much glare.  It was a wonderful present to myself.


lanurseprn said...

It's a beautiful gift to yourself.

rbrown6172 said...


mariebm56 said...

Thats beautiful!  Great for this challenge~

radar446 said...

Oh Wow!  Thank you for the honor of being the topic of this entry.  I feel really special to have been a part of your birthday.  It makes me very happy that you enjoy your picture this much.


kirkbyj05 said...

That is the perfect gift.  Just think of the many places you can go to in your minds eye when enjoying looking at this beautiful view.
Jeanie xx

mail4campbell said...

I wish I could see the entire photo...But it stopped loading and just left me waiting and waiting...Love your idea of the "Monday photo shoot"! I hope to be able to do this...I have a great camera...and alittle time.Take care my friend, and thanks for stopping by my journals!! Love2U

gotomaria said...

Greg does a great job!   Looking for more of your photos...:)   Maria

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