Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Huge Tom

We have wild turkeys in our woods in the back. Daily they come and eat the food we put out for the birds. Yesterday we saw the largest Tom we have seen, The tuff of feathers on his chest is really long and shows he is a older bird. We are guessing it weighs between 25 to 30 pounds, maybe more. You can see how much larger he is then the even the 2nd biggest tom. Such pretty birds not much worries them. Large toms have been known to attack humans. We are going to be adding less corn to our bird feed as we really don't want them hanging around but it does make for some great shots. If you want to learn some neat facts about them click here.


madcobug said...

He is a big pretty thing. That squirrel doesn't seem to be afraid of them. Now that winter is gone and all that snow has melted maybe it won't be as hard for them to find a little food. Helen

SILVER said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

Wow, that 's a pretty big bird..

lisaschaos said...

How cool! We used to have turkeys come through our yard. He is a pretty one!

mtrib2 said...

Thanks for your comment. Salty has a lot of drainage now on his stomach wounds and I use epsom salts with a cloth I boil to keep sterile. He must wear an E Cone (Elizabethan) on his neck facing foward. His shoulder wound only drains alittle but I was able to see his muscle completely visible before stitches. Thanks to the immediate Veterinarian surgery he is not suffering from infection. The turkey's (and squirrel) are magnificent. I am waiting to hear from a lawyer's office about Salty. mark

Anonymous said...

I have heard they attack humans, but I'd be the one putting out more corn, because I would love to have them in my backyard. I'm a vegetarian, so they need not fear me when November rolls around.
Beautiful bird.~Mary

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