Monday, September 29, 2014

Piper, our Schnug

Piper was born on July 30.  Her mother was a mini Schnauzer and her dad was a Pug.   They sometimes call these Schnugs,  I still call her a mixed breed and cute as a button.

You can see she has a pug nose, and a pug tail, but her hair is more like her momma's and she has the eyebrows of a schnauzer.

Piper weighed in at 2 pounds 4 ounces on her first vet visit and is 12.5 inches long.

She was cold going outside so I made her a coat out of a sock.  She is so small it is hard to find something boughten for her to wear yet.

  It is exhausting to have a puppy again, potty training, teething, yipping, but so fun

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1 comment:

Jutta.K said...

What a wonderful dog.
I also have such a rascal, a hybrid of Yorky and dachshund or something like that. now he is 4 years.
Good luck and good nerves in the education
Have a nice day

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