Monday, September 20, 2021

Informed consents.


    I am a nurse and I believe in informed consent which people are not getting.   Ask yourself, why are they not allowing doctors to order  monoclonal antibodies.   Why are doctors being threatened with their license if they speak out.  Why are nurses being fired for not wanting to take the jab, could it be because they see that most of their patients aren't the unvaccinated but are in fact vaccinated patients?   Why can't they even isolated the covid virus in independent labs?

    The above sites are just a few I have found.   I bet there are so many more.   If you're planning on getting the shot read some of the stories, if you're one of those having long term issues, write your story.   

    No forced mandates.   Ask why.  Why isn't the government personal required to have the shots?   Why do they keep getting caught at large gatherings without masks, because they know what they are denying you know, masks don't work, the vaccinated people are infecting the vaccinated and early treatment will save your life.  Follow the money.  Read the story.  Make an informed decision if you're going to get this shot and if you already have if your going to get another.

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