Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday Morning photo shoot. Expression

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Present a picture that clearly shows a particular emotion. Happy, sad, thrilled, bummed, anything in between.

    Well Rick looks very sleepy and tired here.  Just got done riding our bicycles for 14 miles so he is resting.  Rick.....Rick wake up Rick.  Still got a mile to go.  Wake up.....


mtrib2 said...

You guys have to be seriously devoted to biking!    I was an enthusiast in my 20's riding my 10 speed easily 10 miles.    One day I tried about a 50 miler and felt it the last couple of miles.    This was in my 20's and that was over several decades ago.    I have my knee replacements now and have walked up to 5 miles.    He looks tired but at least he is doing it which is more than I can say, LOL!   mark

rbrown6172 said...

perfect for the occasion!!  :)

valphish said...

LOL  great shot! xox

radar446 said...

The shadowing adds to the tired look of the picture.  Maybe its the illusion that the day is almost behind him.


oddb0dkins said...

Great shot. Good use of natural lighting.
B. x

fisherkristina said...

I think he looks kind of content and proud, LOL.  Like he has accomplished something!

BTW, I love your photos!

Krissy :)

lanurseprn said...

14 miles?? And still one to go? WOW! Good job to you both.

rjet33 said...

14 miles on a bicycle?  Gawd!  That would KILL me!  Great pic of Rick though!  I have enjoyed looking through many of your photos today.  You have inspired me to want to get back to taking some!~

Have a blessed week!~


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