Monday, September 3, 2007

So Can you take Too many Flower Shot?


           Well, I did get one or 2 turtles.


I really like the contrasting colors in the picture below.

          And I really like the Black Eyed Susie above.

         Grasshopper........Yes Master!

   The one below was a good but it is kind of interesting....right?

         Much better below.

        One last shot.

   Wait, wait. one more.



mtrib2 said...

Those are some exceptional photos with great saturation and detail along with subject matter!   mark

rbrown6172 said...

some good shots, julie...i esp like the black eyed susan and the turtle.

valphish said...

You can NEVER take too many flower shots!  These are beautiful.  I love them all! xox

justplainbill said...

Great pictures, Bill

madcobug said...

I always love pictures of flowers and any kind of nature shot. Helen

nanmm11 said...

Love them all but my fav is the grasshopper

nhd106 said...

You crack me up!  And no...never too many flower shots.   You should see how much space I've taken up on the puter!
Your photos are wonderful...


radar446 said...

Flowers are like snowflakes, there are no two exactly alike.  Roughly translated, take all the flower pictures you desire, they are each something different.


fisherkristina said...

No, you can't take too many flower pictures!  And I love the turtle!

Krissy :)

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