Thursday, May 15, 2008

A few I like

Just because the blossom is off the plant doesn't make it unworthy of a beautiful photo

     I think this Robin stands on its own without framing.  The shot just turned out.  That is one of the Robins that keeps pecking me.

  I walked around the tree shooting from different angles and light, behind the blossoms, in front of, to the side.  I like the way the light played on this.

   I liked the very subtle pink in this next picture.  Pear blossom.  They smell great


rbrown6172 said...

they are all wonderful...but those top two really grab me.  :)  

madcobug said...

All of them are beautiful. I see the robin's feathesr are standing up on guard. I hope you covered your head LOL. Helen

nanmm11 said...

That Robin does look like he's very serious about his territory! lol  Love all the pics too.

mariebm56 said...

Beautiful blossoms & springy images...Ü

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