Wednesday, October 15, 2008


EMPS #7: Furniture.
Ahhh... is there anything better after a long, difficult day then to come home and sink into a favorite couch or chair? It's one of the best comforts ever! So, for this week, lets pay tribute to the comfy, well worn, furniture in our lives! Do you have a favorite chair, either indoor or out, that you love to escape to when you want to read a good book? Does your hubby have one of those old tacky... um... well lived in ... recliners only a guy could love? I know, you have a nifty orange futon that was well loved. Or how about a bean bag chair left over from the 70's, or a Barcalounger you may have won on Let's Make A Deal? Well this is your chance to show it off! Show me your favorite piece of comfy, cozy FURNITURE!

Extra Credit:
It would be just nifty, if the furniture in question, has a few dents, bruises, or misplaced stuffing! That would mean it was loved, and has served you well. :)

This is Carly's photo shoot from Ellipsis. Play along

This old rocking chair was my mother in laws and her mothers before her. My father in law recovered it. It has so many memories for me. My
mother in law rocking my children to sleep, my son rocking his daughter to sleep. Someday my granddaughter will rock her children and on and on. It has some dings and bruises but is much loved.


Carly said...

Hello Julia :)

And Welcome to the Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot! Thanks you for playing, and showing us your lovely rocker. It's a beauty to be sure! :) I hope you will join us again next Monday, for an all mew challenge! Once again, welcome!

All my best, Carly

Martha said...

That's a beautiful rocker - I can see why it's your favorite for this shoot!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Nice. I especially like the dowels / posts on the back and arms. Kudos to you for hanging onto such a nice piece of heirloom furniture, and taking such good care of it.

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