Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camera Critters. # 62

We haven't seen as many deer in the backyard lately which isn't unusual this time of year. They are busy raising their babies. But they do come out occasionally for a nibble at the bird food.

This mother deer is showing her summer colors, much redder in the spring and summer then the darker winter coat.

When she got closer I noticed the wound pattern on her chest and that she looked thin. To me these look like buckshot, not the wounds you see from them fighting each other. They are fairly fresh on her chest.

We get poachers occasionally in the back woods. We are in the city limits so it makes me angry as I almost got shot once in my back yard. What also ticks me off is she is nursing. So in the back there is probably a couple of babies. So if she had been killed they would have starved to death since they aren't old enough yet to fend for themselves.

She's sticking her tongue out at the poachers. Na Na.

We have way to many deer, cars are always hitting them and I realize they are a danger. But I like them. Pests that they are. I love the babies and they are always willing to pose for a shot or two. With a camera that is.

So she takes a nibble or two, and off she goes. The babies are probably up in the sumac grove, safely hidden. But soon she'll bring them to the bird food and bird bath. And I'll be waiting with my camera.


fishing guy said...

Julie: wonderful photos of the doe. I love the red coat they get in the Spring after the hard winters. Thanks for sharing these neat photos.

Sandy Kessler said...

fabulous series

April said...

She is pretty! It's sad though that she was shot.

Your photos are terrific, especially the one of the doe and the little bird together.

Snap said...

This is a lovely post of a beautiful animal. Wonderful series. Here's to her and her babes. And, ptuiii on the poachers.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wonderful shots. Must be nice to have them just appear in your yard.

Martha said...

Great Camera Critters shots! I don't know how people can - well, you know, they are such beautiful creatures.

Zipped through your other shots this week - I especially loved your window views shots!

Have a great weekend (what's left of it- and I know that doesn't matter in your line of work). Have a great week ahead either way :-)

Denise said...

Incredible photos and long may she and her babies stay free from harm. I took some deer photos too for CC. I just love them, such beautiful animals.

Susan said...

Your photos are gorgeous. We too have far too many deer. I have a love /hate relationship with them- I love them because they are beautiful and always bring their babies to see me....I hate them because they eat everything alive in my garden!
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Shelley Munro said...

What gorgeous photos. I love the one of the chrome above too.

Karen said...

She's beautiful !! Love the photo with her tongue out..e nice to imagine that it was at the poachers !!

Very cool capture..

jabblog said...

Beautiful photographs of wonderful creatures. I know they're considered a pest, particularly by farmers, but really, they are such wondrous animals!

Babooshka said...

How anyone could hurt such beautiful gentle creatures is beyond me. Such beautiful captures.

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