Sunday, July 26, 2009

More falls

Yup, still playing with the photos from last week. I have so many hundreds I could put a new one on everyday. There are some I even really like and am proud of but many that the focus didn't come out right or the light. I used my polarized lens because it was a bright day but still the sky looked washed out. Should have used my circular lens. Oh well. Its fun to take them and that's what matters...right!

Some I have been messing with in Picnik and using different layers and techniques. The one below I wanted to make it look softer and more like a painting then a photo. I wish picnik had more variety of frames also. I want more more more, LOL.

I have been practicing slowing down the water flow in the shots to give it a smooth look. I haven't mastered it like Greg but I am getting better. My waterfalls are getting better. Who knows, a few more years.....


madcobug said...

Very good shots. I really like the second one from the top. Helen

Martha said...

These are all so great! :-)

lisaschaos said...

This makes me think of summer days, and relaxation. :)

Connie said...

If you go to and type in the search bar for Paint Shop you can download the program and make all the frames you want.I am still learning how to do it.I was in groups but found little time to do it step by step so I am feeling my own way through.
I love your photos!!

Sharodindu said...

Great photographs! simply Wow!

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