Monday, October 5, 2009

What's this Bird?

I thought this bird was a tern but now I wonder if it is plover. Anyone know for sure? It is a cutie.

Just found out the bird is a Killdeer.

I feel in love with this wheel chair ramp that goes out to the dock. Make for a great shot also.
Another little bird I am not sure of. Looks like a sea gull but we are a long way from the sea.
The cat tails are starting to deteriorate..

The color of the wood, the storm front movie in and the darkness of the water. Loved it all.


madcobug said...

Great pictures Julie. I have no idea what those birds are but those were good shots. Have a nice day at work with no pain. Helen

lisaschaos said...

It's a Plover - I think a Killdeer. :)

Connie said...

Would you believe we have seagulls that hang around year round and mostly (I don't know why) stay at the shopping malls.
I used to have a friendly (wild) killdeer bird that would wait for me to get out of school and screech with joy and fly to the fence in my yard and wait for me to get home.We only lived about 2000 feet from the school.But when I'd go out side to go for a walk this bird always came along.(flying).Then one day it was no longer around.I like to think it got a family and was too busy ....

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