Monday, November 23, 2009

End of dreams

The old packing plant opened in 1917 and will be completely demolished by 2010. In 1974 the packing plant closed, the Stockyards started their slow death and the building stood empty. Then in 1976 a local business man opened it up with numerous small interesting shops, places to eat and a bowling alley. The downtown suits and powers that be at the time fought it tooth and nail sticking so many regulations and hurtles in the way the dream was never fully realized. It died once again only to be vandalized by a couple of young punks who started it on fire. So many memories there. My first bowling league. I taught CPR there. Great little shops and a strange wonderful atmosphere. Goodbye old building.


Liz said...

It seemed to me as if the dream remained while the nightmare was destroyed.

Martha (Menagerie) said...

::sigh:: I never like to see historic places torn down, such a shame.

Austen said...

The way you compose these buildings allows the stories to shine through. I can almost see the hopes (the original design & construction, later jobs, and even good times) that went on here. Tragically poetic.

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