Friday, January 22, 2010

Home home on the range.


madcobug said...

WOW! an underground house. Great pictures. Helen

madcobug said...

On closer look I think is an old house no longer there anymore but a few rocks and a doorway LOL. Helen

Cherokee said...

I have not been able to investigate places anymore...since my body is these pictures I CAN smell the old wood..the grass..did you know that rocks smell to..oh such a delightful batch of pictures...I am so thankful I got directed here through the afternoon..brings happy thoughts an smiles to me..God Bless You.
Cherokee Sylvia

imelda muhammad said...

hhhmmmmmm great pictures!!!

mtrib2 said...

I enjoy seeing your new work. The sepia tone has very defined detail and makes a nice presentation. I always enjoy seeing old structures as well as horses (equus caballus). That is the formal name I looked up to be sure I spelled horse right, ha, ha. I had a terrible head ache earlier, due to being unable to use blogger. I finally was able to scroll down under 'add a gadget' to post a new header/image. Then I was able to take a nap after not having enough sleep. My back arthritis can be a chore during this winter weather. Spring is coming soon. mark/salty

Anonymous said...

Impressive and very nice photo's

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