Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ice Rainbow


madcobug said...

Beautiful pictures Julie. That ice rainbow kind of resembles a sun dog. Helen

Jan said...

I agree with madcobug, but I like the idea of an upside-down rainbow! Great captures, Julie.

kaye said...

stunning and what an interesting phenemenon

Liz said...

What a smile! what a photograph!
Congratulations on seeing the promise the sky holds for those that look up.

Carolyn Ford said...

Wow, Julie! Those are stunning photos of nature at her finest! Unbelievable!

mtrib2 said...

Liz wrote about looking up in the sky. I have been walking Salty at 2 a.m. sometimes. Last night and several before I just started looking up at the stars and concentrating. I begin seeing that there are so many stars that are just visible. Living out of town is the reason they are in full view. Your photo's always impress me. I enjoyed the photos of Zoey. My dial-up let me see down to the straw gorilla'a and then the photos are missing. mark/salty

Martha@Menagerie said...

These shots are so pretty! Always lovely photos here :-)

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

so pretty

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