Sunday, February 10, 2008

Great black and white photography site

I was looking for a certain photographer and came across this site.  Wonderful black and white photo's.  Check it out.  Makes me want to go out with my setting on black and white.

Black & White

Gibson Collection


madcobug said...

I checked out a good many of them and they are good. I have never tried out the black & white setting myself. Thanks for sharing. Helen

radar446 said...

Those really are nice.  The Weegee collection has some wonderful slice of life pictures from NY.  Very well done.  Thanks for sharing.


nanmm11 said...

I'll check out the site and yes I too before I had my digital camera, did take some black and white pics of my grandaughter whith my 35mm and suprizingly enough found out that black/white film cost more to buy than color. It makes me want to take them down off the wall and scan them into my journal. thanks for the idea and the site.

ma24179 said...

On my way! -Missy

fowfies said...

I like the black and white sometimes...I have never done that with any of my pictures myself though.

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