Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Community Photo Challenge

AOL Community Challenge-LOVE

With Valentine's day upon us this month, our next challenge was suggested by Betty.
Of course, this can be of anything that represents love.  There are many forms of love, so this should be an easy challenge. 
Love is all around find it, capture it, or just use a photo from the past, that says it!

             I took this picture 7 years ago so it is not new for sure but it shows love.  My daughter in law with my new granddaughter.   When I worked in the nursery at the hospital we watched to see what type of eye contact parents made with their new baby.  It would give us a hint if there was a bonding issue.   This is the kind of eye contact we all loved to see.  It is not the best technical shot but I do like it.

    And just because her birthday is Valentines day, here is my grandaughter now.


mariebm56 said...

That is sooooo sweet.  Nothing like a mother's love or a baby's love for their mother.

rbrown6172 said...

:)  i think it's wonderful.

nhd106 said...

you always blow me away w/ your entries....well done!


cmishvicki said...

This is a great photo. Forget 'technical'...there's a lot of heart in this one. :)

justplainbill said...

Mother's love. Only thing like that is grandparents love. Bill

nanmm11 said...

The beatles sang it best, all we need is love  da da da da da Your granddaughter was and is a beautiful girl

nightmaremom said...

awesome!  Love it... precious girl :)

inafrnz247 said...

Those sweet little eyes filled with love... There's nothing in the world quite like it, is there?

Great photo!


vbonalesmd said...

Great pic, I love the vintage look with the border and oval frame... Veronica

lifes2odd said...

Beautiful shots!
Martha ~

monicasmemoirs said...

She's beautiful.  I love the feeling this evokes.


rap4143 said...

Oh how quickly they grow :).

box37g said...

That's a great shot of a first love ... and wow!  She sure has grown!

ma24179 said...

Precious! -Missy

fowfies said...

Wonderful choice..she sure is all grown now! Struttin her stuff with that cowgirl hat and everything! Cute!

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