Friday, July 18, 2008

I is for Insects.

   Martha's A to Z photo Challenge brings us to I.  I decided to do a review of my insect collection I have taken since I started shooting.  Forgive for them all not being new but they are my favorites.  They make great subjects.  So here they are.



nhd106 said...

OK..I'm not a huge fan of these critters but WOW...excellent shots!  Some of them are almost
Seriously, the dragonfly is my fave.


rbrown6172 said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one that likes shooting bugs.  lol  great shots here...i especially like the cicada!

madcobug said...

These are great. You sure got up close and personal LOL. Those wasp can carry a lot of weight. I used to watch tem carry heavy things like that. Ants amaze me also pulling so much weight. Thanks for sharing. Helen

lifes2odd said...

Oh wow Julie, these are great! They made my skin crawl but great shots, LOL!!
Martha :-)

radar446 said...

The dragonfly on the antenna continues to be a favorite of mine.


lisadewane said...

Oh I love so many of them I can't pick a favorite!  What in the heck is that one bug doing jumping on a spider?  Nutty insect!

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