Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Insects, new pictures

       I love cone flowers.  They bloom forever, are very easy to grow, smell wonderful, and attract all kinds of butterflies and insects.   Leave the heads on after they bloom and the goldfinches love them or cut them for longer bloom season.

         This carpenter ant colony was in my plum tree which we lost to the storm.  Between the woodpecker and the ants it didn't stand a chance.


nhd106 said...

I love coneflowers too and am drawn to shooting them.   Unfortunately, of all I've taken, none are as good as yours.
: (


rbrown6172 said...

these are beautiful julie!!!  :)  like the old tree with the bluish ants too.  it's too bad about losing the plum tree, though...especially on top of your home.

madcobug said...

Great shots Julie. Helen

preciousone25 said...

Great pics!!!  Love the flowers and butterflies... the ants were interesting, sad what they've done to that tree.


gotomaria said...

Julie!  What gorgeous photos.  I love all the closeups...wish I had your luck with the cone flowers...I"ve tried a couple of times to grow them and they did not last.  They sure attrack the butterflies!    Maria

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