Wednesday, July 2, 2008


  On my bike ride today I ran across some H's for Martha's A to Z photo shoot.  First of all a sign.  Notice it starts and ends with H.

     Then a Hawk up High

    Further along we ran across this Habitat for birds.

   And at the end of our ride we went to our Haven

    And Rick had a
Hefeweizen.  Ta Da, my H's


justplainbill said...

Good job on the "H" 's. I loved the picture of the Hawk. Great shot, Bill

rbrown6172 said...

love your collection for 'h'!  the shot of the hawk is really good.  :)

lanurseprn said...

Loved your H's! Very creative!

nhd106 said...

Very enjoyable journey of "H's.    Thanks for the ride!


lifes2odd said...

I love your H's! I'd love to go Hang out in your Haven and Have a Hefeweizen!
Martha :-)

gotomaria said...

The h's are so fun!  Loved all of them!  Maria

lisadewane said...

I like the Hard Hat sign too.  Hurrah!

photographybymon said...

That looks like a fun place to go - all the signs had my curiosity.

Good selection of photos.


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