Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Julie's Bloopers

   There seems to be a pretty high learning curve from my old camera to my new.  Some of my more interesting bloopers are listed.  Out of 900 pictures I am down to 300 I am still looking over to give you an idea.  I will be showing some I really like.  Nailed them I think but for now, the interesting bad shots.

    Nice underwater hippo shot, but who is that lady walking through my background?

       Just too much going on in this shot with the moving monkey's and waterfall.   My shutter didn't know what to focus on and obviously got no help from me.  Would have been a cool shot too.  sigh.

     In the midst of all that glare is a really cute otter which was cutely begging for treats.  A good photographer would have known how to prevent that.  Actually this amateur  did get a shot or 2 that turned out I will be showing later, but that was pure luck and 300 shots later, LOL.

         My first class talked about how to stop a shot for action shots.  Obviously I was still trying to figure out how to turn my camera on during that part.

  Again.... I wanted a picture of this hammer head shark really bad.  I took 200 shots and never did get a good one.  Thank goodness for National Geographic or I might never know what one looks like.

  Another failed attempt

    Now,  this next shot is not smoke drifting through a non-smoking bar.  It is actually a school of fish.  Would you have even guessed that if I hadn't told you?

  Mystery photo.  See the ghost in this one wearing funky glasses.  Just weird.

  Shooting through glass is difficult.  You get so much more then you bargained for.   Is the ghost looking for her glasses?

  My poor shutter doesn't know what to focus on.  Bird, drops of water, birds, drops of water.  Now I ask you.  Is that not the best water drops you ever saw!  Look how can almost count them.  If only those darn birds hadn't been standing in the background.

  A pretty bird still looks best in a branch outside of netted area.  Just not really worth the shot.   Now there is a way to shoot that shot so the netting goes away and you just get the bird.  I haven't taken that class though.

    Here is another example of making sure your focusing on what you want to shoot.  Did I want the leaves or the great shot I missed of the bobcat yawning.  And once again behind the fencing.

   So these are my bloopers.  I kept these as there are things about these I can learn from.....I  hope.  Next I will be showing some shots that did turn out.  My $80.00 wasn't completely wasted.


preciousone25 said...

Hey, at least you can SEE your bloopers.... I post mine without even noticing things.... LOL!!


nanmm11 said...

I know looking through that view finder and thinking that I've got my subject at hand but then afterwards checking them out, I find I didn't get what I wanted either. lol  I like the ghosts!! lol

madcobug said...

Hey, I really liked the one of the school of fish. This is interesting, you learning how to use that new camera. Helen

rap4143 said...

We learn by our mistakes :).  Cannot wait to see the 300 :).

rbrown6172 said...

shoot and learn.  i've never been brave enough to show my failures.  lol  anyway...i like the smoked fish.  hehe  can't wait to see what you're pleased with!

oddb0dkins said...

I've lost count of the failed shots I've taken over the years. Thankfully, it doesn't cost me quite so much now that I've gone digital.
I look forward to seeing your successful shots. Bet they're excellent.

B. x

radar446 said...

Don't feel bad at all about these shots.  You are right, there will be a fairly steep learning curve with your new camera.  You are figuring out how to work it, and becoming familiar with where everything is, and what it does.  We have been talking about the shutter speed issues, I guess I need to go into the Auto Focus a bit.  When you are taking pictures of a subject either behind glass, or another object (tree in front of the bobcat), it is usually better to use manual focus.  The AF system is great, but is easily fooled by closer objects, or objects with more inherent contrast to the colors.  You will be able to precisely focus on what you want to when you are twisting the focusing ring.


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