Monday, August 11, 2008

More practice shots

        I have been practicing.  Most of my pictures are underexposed or over exposed.  Lots are out of focus as I get back into using the viewfinder as opposed to live view.  It is harder then I thought.  I was doing some rapid shots on a butterfly and I told my son.  Look Luke, I sound like a real photographer, LOL.  As long as they don't see my pictures.

      As usual I took around 400 shots and then had to decide which to keep.  I am keeping bad and good ones in my files so I can see what settings I had them on and take notes.

    Did you know you can right click on your picture and then click properties and it will tell you which settings you had your camera on?  I didn't know that.  Cost me $80.00 bucks to find that out and I am sharing it here with you for nada.  Of course I am probably the only one who didn't know that, LOL.

    I am having trouble decided what settings to use and sure wish I had a professional to tag along with and ply with dozens of questions.  My class was OK but for the money left many questions unanswered.  His big advice, practice, practice, practice.   Well I knew that.  I wanted to know settings, settings, settings.  So if you pros out there want to give me tips on each picture on what I should have done to improve and which settings that would be real cool.

       I also got a card reader instead of hooking my camera up to the computer and wasting my battery.  Another thing I learned about in class and cheap also.


radar446 said...

You know I am always here for questions when they come up.  I find if very difficult to look at a picture and tell you what settings you should have changed though.  You see, the photographs you take, are the physical interpretation of your mental picture of a scene.  Without knowing where the actual picture falls short of that, I can't offer any suggestions.  Feel free to email me a picture that you are not happy with, and tell me why you aren't.  Then I can offer suggestions on how to make it better.


nhd106 said...

I love Greg's point.    Hard to give blanket advice.  But I will say, that you're doing great and that I love your sense of humor too!


nightmaremom said...

love the shots

nanmm11 said...

Well first your not alone in your thoughts or your inexperience, lol ! I too have asked the same questions of Greg and was also going to join a digital photo class and still may. Not sure at this point. I even went as far as asking Greg,lol, if he could fax his brain over to us! lol Imagine? lol  He so graciously gave me the title of two books which I haven't picked up yet but plan on doing so.
a. Complete photography manual -author- Ailsa McWhinnie
b. The photography bible-author-Daniel Lezano
maybe Greg has given you this info but just in case I wanted to share his wisom.
And yes it does get overwhelming and I too with the fast clicking felt like a photographer too,lol, but when I saw the pics, I wasn't impressed. Like they say, practice makes perfect and I guess we'll both be doing alot of that but along the way, we're sure going to have some fun getting there!
Best wishes to you and to me,

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