Monday, June 30, 2008


Green Grasshopper on Green Growing Thistle.  For Martha's A - Z at Perceptions.


rbrown6172 said...

wonderful!!  that lil green grasshopper is the perfect addition to the thistle.  :)

radar446 said...

The actual Green flower is just as visually impressive as the Grasshopper.  I think this was a Great entry for the A-Z Game.


lifes2odd said...

That's a beautiful photo and perfect for the challenge. I just posted the linking list. Thanks for playing along! Martha :-)

justplainbill said...

Try to open the picture but all I get is the dreaded red X. Any suggestions? Thanks Bill

justplainbill said...

Sorry, I finally got it after clicking ten times. Nice photo. I never knew grasshoppers had antenae. Fastinating. Thanks Bill

nhd106 said...

Once I clicked on save for this comment, it came together as one photo.

nhd106 said...

Terrific photo (trying not say Great, which starts with G!)
But the photo is split in half...very odd.


photographybymon said...

Wonderful photo! Love it.


rap4143 said...

Nice and sharp picture....checking out your blog....beautiful.


lisadewane said...

That is beautiful thistle!  I htink I would have missed the grasshopper if you hadn't pointed him out.

gotomaria said...

Very clever with the G's...I"m a little behind on Martha's A-Z's...but will catch up soon.  Happy 4th!  Maria

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