Sunday, February 15, 2009

Straight out of the Camera

For Valentines day yesterday my husband drove me to where we honeymooned 35 years ago. It is still beautiful even in Winter. This is up in South Dakota by the Yankton Dam area

To see more SOOC shots click the link.


Mamapippa said...

Looks like a romantic place ! Even in winter !

Pagan Sphinx said...

Beautiful. Congratulations on 35 years of marriage. That is just as beautiful as your picture.

starnitesky said...

What a beautiful place, great for you to visit again.

Jan said...

That's beautiful. Sounds like you had a great Valentines Day.

Pink {Aloha Monkey} said...

That's beautiful! I love the blues.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I could happily spend a lot of time there with my camera. ;-)

Nancy said...

Romantic spot indeed...but even MORE romantic that he thought to do that!


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