Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guess who came to Dinner?

Looking scruffy and thin..... but alive, what a nice surprise. They must have liked the bread I put out for the birds.

The abscess between the mother dears legs has gone down alot. And you can barely see where she was shot. Her pretty summer coat is almost gone. And whatever was wrong with her mouth seems to be fine.

The fawn still looks like it is matted in weeds but not as bad. And it looks pretty bright eyed doesn't it.

The photo's are terrible because I was shooting from the window and they are so twitchy if I made any noise they would both get ready to jump.

And then I was happy to see the missing twin I hadn't seen in weeks stroll into the yard. Looking just as scruffy. I hadn't seen the three of them together for weeks.

So then when they left some other visitors came to finish up the bread with their babies. Oh goody. More turkeys.


madcobug said...

Thank the Good Lord they all showed up and seem to be doing ok. Thanks for letting us know Julie and showing their pictures. Helen

gina said...

i'm really glad mama deer seems to be improving. hopefully she will continue to gain strength and health...and her twins as well. that a treat to be able to feed them and watch out for them.

Rambling Woods said...

The deer was shot? That's awful. We have many white-tailed deer around here, but you can't hunt right here. It is awful to watch injured wildlife and not be able to help.. Michelle

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