Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A while back I showed a shot of a deer that had been shot in the chest. Over the next few weeks she developed a large abscess on her breastbone area. It got larger and larger and she started to limp and grew thin. I knew she was nursing and worried about the fawns. And then 3 weeks went by. No mother deer until yesterday. Then she showed up with 2 fawns and surprisingly 3 bucks. They don't usually hang around together this time of year. And she looks better. The swelling is down.

The bucks are all going through their molt, shedding the red coat of summer and getting the grayer coat of fall. Velvet still covers their horns. So I am happy. More babies to watch though she doesn't bring them as often as Mommy Deerest, pictured below did.

Mommy Deerest. My favorite deer has been gone about 2 years now. She was very calm and let me stand there and take photo's of her and the babies in my back yard without getting nervous. In fact I had to be careful or the babies would come right up to me. Not sure what Mommy Deerest would have done then, LOL.

To give you an idea of how close they got this was before my new camera and zoom lens. I could have reached out and touched them a couple of times. But I knew that was just asking for trouble. Deer can be very fast and we have been chased by the bucks occasionally.

These fawns were Mommy Deerest's fawns. I hope to get closer ones of the new babies but this mother, rightly so, is a lot more timid and hugs the woods.


madcobug said...

I believe I missed the entry about that mama being shot. Good for her pulling through that ordeal. She did good with those babies. Guess those bucks found her and gathered around her. Helen

gina said...

i always enjoy your deer pix...i esp love fawns. :) glad the mom is recovering...maybe the bucks are protecting her?

kaye said...


lisaschaos said...

Neat! The baby is so cute! I'm glad mom is doing better!

Anonymous said...

Bambi all over again. Beautiful shots. ~Mary

Nancy said...

I'm a bit of a deer freak! Those babies especially warm my heart. It kills me to read or hear about any deer being shot. But it's inspiring to hear she's doing better! Thanks for the great pics...and happy ending.


Martha said...

How beautiful! I wish I lived somewhere where I could witness that kind of beauty upclose. How awesome!

Jack said...

Waw! amazing to see this..nice post..this one is really awesome...

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