Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Tomato Season.
As you can see I decided to give this a different look, still looks yummy.Fresh from the vine. For more Ruby Tuesday shots visit Mary the Teach by clicking here.


Jientje said...

Very creative! Your tomatoes look absolutely delicious!

Annie said...

OMG! Where was my mind? I've got tomatos galore from my first successful tomato growing effort. and I have not taken any pictures. OMG! Where was my mind? LOL

Stephanie V said...

Fabulous photography. Tomatoes fresh from the garden, yum! Summer doesn't get any better. Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Ready for salad. Very artful way to frame tomatoes!

Jim said...

Mama Tomato said, "look, I can't be carrying the whold brood of you!"
I like your tomatoes, did you grow them?
Happy RT, thank you for the visit and your nice comment on a not so nice WC subject.

Anonymous said...

Very artisitic. Really well-done!

lisaschaos said...

Such vibrant reds!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Mine are just little wee green marble sized things yet. Your's look lovely.

Rita said...

Nothing beats a home grown tomato. Also great for RT.

Thanks for stopping by my humble post.

Jack said...

Great to see this..nice picture...I love to have Tamato...Its yummy..
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