Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Random Shots, some old film shots.

Fall is in the air soon to show its colors.

The fly, the fly.........

Something about weird bugs, what is this thing?

Another fly, they creep me out but pose so nicely.

A pretty bug that landed on my husbands arm.

Devils Tower, This is a old film shot, my first 35 mm camera.

Another old film shot, Angels Window at the Grand Canyon

Still old film I though this cool old tree looked cool while we were hiking.

The purple sky's of Wisconsin.
And the shoreline at Madeline Island.

Pigeon Point. Old film

And follow this path to see a view to die for.

UP Michigan shoreline. I always wanted to go back. Hopefully someday.

And once again, sunrise on the river walk in town..

The old barns of Iowa.


kaye said...

those were some pretty sweet shots.

George said...

Some of these photos may be from an old film camera, but they are still great. I especially liked the picture of the UP shoreline.
Thanks for visiting my site.

kbear said...

kewl shots! including the bugs, but they are

gina said...

so many wonderful shots!! love the macros of the insects...and the rocks are just beautiful, and a special mention for that gorgeous sunrise!!

Martha said...

Wow, wonderful series! Really gorgeous!

Rambling Woods said...

These really still look great. I love that you photographed insects as I just started doing that.. Michelle

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