Monday, January 28, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot


Thanks to all of you who played along last week.  We had our biggest turnout ever with 37 participating bloggers!  I hope you'll continue to play this week also, and that you will find this week's subject interesting. 

This week's JLand Photo Shoot will begin today (Monday) and is due on Saturday, Feb. 2, at 11 PM EST.  That's Saturday night for those of you who are getting confused!

Our subject this week is:


You may interpret this any way you like.  Suggestions:  trees, people, antiques, etc.  

This week we are going to have a rule.  You can snap the photo this week, or you can pull out a photo that you have taken in the past.  But please make sure it is a photo that you have taken yourself, so you can showcase your photography.  That's the only rule.  Thanks so much!  :) 

After you've posted your entry in your journal/blog, please put the address to your entry in my Comments Section below.  If you need an explanation on how to do this, or need to know any other instructions concenerning this photo shoot, please click on the link below.

                   Below I have an old Oak tree.

             And Old clothes pins.

            And last, the old homested.  Real old homested.

   Very Old 1919 Roseville Tourist Jardiniere



preciousone25 said...

I LOVE the old homestead!!!!!!!  All the pics were good!!!


lanurseprn said...

I love them all...but I especially like the old homested one.
Great shots.

radar446 said...

Great pictures, but to be fitting with the theme...the clothes pin is my favorite.  You did a great job in capturing the texture of the wood and the worn corners.  The other pictures are nice as well, and I like the way that you framed the house with the gate...nice touch!


nightmaremom said...

great job!  Love the homestead and clothes pin the most... but all are great as always

fowfies said...

You do have a talented eye. :) I do love the detail in the clothespins..but the homestead, thats just COOL. Love them all.

rbrown6172 said...

these are great...but i really like that old clothespin.  lol  go figure.

rdautumnsage said...

I love all the photo's , but I have to say I'm drawn to the picture of the clothespins!
(Hugs) Indigo

lv2trnscrb said...

liked all the pictures; the clothes pin was my favorite!


mariebm56 said...

I love the Real Old Homestead, it's my favorite!

gryphondear said...

For nostalgia's sake "The Old Homestead" is a great photo. I like the "fuzzy" frame, which could have been a bit wider to heighten the nostalgia effect.

The "Clothespins" is also a good photo with a sort of in-your-face appeal. I can see that, in a thin, gold-toned frame, hanging in a kitchen office area or the "fabric care center" (aka laundry) to brighten things up.

;^) Jan the Gryphon

swmpgrly said...

love the clothes pins

ma24179 said...

I really like the last one and the clothes pins!! great pics! -Missy

jamahameed said...

I love that shot of the old clothes pin, wonder how long it's been around.

Jama Hameed

carolelainedodd said...

The clothes pegs bought back memories.!!
Love that old house.

robinngabster said...

Love them!!


monicasmemoirs said...

All are beautiful I have to say my favorite is the old oak tree.  Thanks for sharing with us.


fasttrack58 said...

I love the tree and the clothespins are amazing, but the homestead is the best!!
Linda :)

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