Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter Shots

  Since I was ill I didn't get to enter the next challenge but from what I have seen there are some wonderful shots out there so everyone make sure and do the rounds and see the talent. 

   However I was feeling better today and we had a heat wave so I did get out and do some shooting.  As usual I took more picture then necessary but some I really like.  I did some in black and white and messed around with some I didn't like in by looking at them a different way.  The first couple are my favorites.

      I liked the starkness of this.  The lone tracks passing by the empty swing.  Bleak

    Another from the playground.  They just look so sad not used.

  A little color makes it look more inviting and you can see the footsteps have gone right up to the swings.


            Now this tree I saw from up on the hill and I just loved the way the shadow looked.  I have it done 3 different ways.  I like all 3.  It was in my favorite cemetery.  First in color

  Next black and white.

   And last framed.  Anyone know of a good program on line to put frames on?

        Still in the cemetery this is one I messed with the color but I really like the effect.

The next 2 are kind of 2 different views.  Are you near sided or far sided?

     And then last one I would have maybe entered in the community photo contest if I hadn't been so sick and able to get out.  I took this shot because this reminds me of my hometown from when I was young in the winter.  Not many new houses around and gentle rolling corn fields put to bed for the winter.  I decided old fashion album edges looked best with this.  And of course black and white to date it from my younger days.



rbrown6172 said...

these are all wonderful, julie.  i'm glad you were feeling better and got out with your camera.  i really, really like the first and the colored version of tree and shadow.  good show!!  the last one is perfect too.

mariebm56 said...

You were busy yesterday!
Glad you were able to get out & shoot.
lovely images~

nightmaremom said...

OMG!!!  Your shots are perfect!!  I love the tree and the shadow....  amazing.  What program are you using for the editing etc?  Let me know maybe I can help with frames etc :)
love ya

fowfies said...

I enjoyed seeing each and every one of these, the tree in the cemetary really was something. Thanks for posting them and glad you got out to shoot. It looks so cold there, I wouldnt have gone out! Brrrr!

radar446 said...

These are very good.  I really like the ones with the playground equipment.  Adds some pop though color.  I'm glad you are feeling better.


ma24179 said...

Those photos are amazing!! Keep warm. -Missy

gotomaria said...

Hope your are feeling better for next week's PHoto challenge.  I love your photos.. .wondering what kind of camera you take some great shots.   I love your next entry as well...on the snow that looks like lemon meringue! It truly does.  Maria

preciousone25 said...

These are ALL great pics!!!  I love them!!!  I really like lonely pics and the snow!!


nhd106 said...'re talented alright!  It's so funny too...cuz just TODAY...I was thinking about shooting the empty playground stuff in the snow for the very same reasons.   You and I are drawn to similar shots.  Only thing is...
Yours are SO much better!!


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