Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Old Marbles

  As promised here are some of the old marbles I got from my FIL.  The ones that are really damaged I don't have out.  I keep them in some old jars.  They come in all different sizes from pee wee's to Shooters, clays to glass and some steel marbles also.  I have cat eye, banana slugs, clearies, onions, and more I don't know enough about to ID yet.  Some glow under a black light.

      Most in the jar below are cat eyes and banana slugs.

     Now the next 2 are my latest man made marbles.  Big and bold.  The first is about 1 1/2" pull and feather

And this big one is about 2" and reminds me of a tape worm with a gas bubble, LOL.


madcobug said...

Those marbles from your FIL are beautiful and a great keepsake to sit around and show off. Of course the others are beautiful also. LoL on the tapeworm one but it is very pretty. Helen

rbrown6172 said...

you do have a wonderfu collection of marbles.  the ones from your fil are among your favorite, i'm sure.  :)

specialadyfink said...

Brings back memories.My brothers played marbles and had such a wonderful collection.I would sneak and take my favorites,usually the cat eyes.My mom used to put some in a pan of water in the oven on low and they would crackle.Oh how I loved those.Wish I had them all now.Would be worth quite alot.I'm sure my brothers have thought of that often,also.You are so fortunate to have these.It's funny ,when I was a child I hated playing with dolls.When my friends drug out their Barbies-I went home (or climbed trees).Now I collect porcelain dolls,angels,matchbox cars/hotwheels,any & all cars & trucks..I have too many different collections going,NA and wolves,collectors plates,teal glassware,on & on.My place is too cluttered,LOLNeed to get rid of most of it...yeah-right.

mariebm56 said...

Lovely the red swirled marble, nicely framed to show it off.....

oddb0dkins said...

We used to play marbles when we were kids. We ammassed quite a collection to but I don't know what ever became of them. And I certainly didn't know they all had names.

B. x

lanurseprn said...

They are all so pretty! I love your close ups.

preciousone25 said...

So pretty.... all those names sound so familiar to me, we used to have some called 'stickers' to... they didn't stick to anything, though.... LOL!!!


doclove64 said...

Cool marbles.

radar446 said...

A lot of the ones that your Dad had remind me of ones that I played with as a kid (only 30ish years ago).  They are much more familiar to me than the works of art you have been posting.  I'm actually really starting to appreciate marbles more since you have been posting about them.


nanmm11 said...

Love the Marbles and the bitters bottle too! They look like they could be standing on a counter inside a "general store"! where you could have probably gotten one for a penny along with a giant gumball! lol

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