Monday, March 31, 2008

What they originally looked like.

         The room below is my MIL's soon to be my sons home.

        Now the photo below I had used in a challenge last year and made septa at that time.  The original is one a disc and I am too lazy right now to sort through them but it is standing present day building in town.

   This is my bedroom, cluttered.....


lanurseprn said...

I LOVED seeing the before and after shots! You really did a fantastic job Julie.

madcobug said...

You know I like making photos look older but I really like colored photos the best. These are great pictures. No telling how many hours she spent making that table cloth. It is beautiful. The one of you and your family is a good picture, I know it is priceless to you.  Helen

mariebm56 said...

Thanks for posting the originals...I know that was a lot of extra work.
It's nice to see the before & after photos.......Great job!

rap4143 said...

Really love seeing the images.  The color images showcase the stylish colors and decor probably 50's or 60's.


mtrib2 said...

An interesting group of photos and the architecture of the building in reddish/brown is a favorite of mine.     The room with rocking chair and table hanging cover looks elaborate with the curtains and there was much natural light to go with the room.    The kids in the old photo is telling of how far general photography has come in detail.   However it still captures a personal look into their lives at that time.   mark

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