Friday, September 12, 2008

Another slide show.

Click on pictures to view slideshow.  They are better bigger.


madcobug said...

Those are great. Those badlands have pretty colored soil but it all looks pretty desolate. I don't think I would like to live around there. That snow covered mountain is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Helen

mariebm56 said...

Boy, Our country is beautiful!
Love the moose shot~

radar446 said...

They really are much better bigger.  Landscapes like this can't be diluted in size and really stand out when you can see all the details.  Very beautiful photographs!


rbrown6172 said...

wow  you surely got some great pix!  beautiful scenery.  i'm sure you were lost in the beauty.  i know i would be.  :)

nanmm11 said...

I imagine the cowboys and Indians roaming all over these hills and vallies. Life really must have been tough for them at that time. They're all gone but the beauty of the land still thrives along with the animals. Great show,

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