Monday, September 22, 2008


  Notice on the below picture the edges are blurred.  Why?  I am wondering what caused this.  I have seen in on several pictures.


nanmm11 said...

I think Greg of "photo trek" would be the one who could answer your question for the edges. I think they're all beautiful!

madcobug said...

I am wondering if you had a sun shield on your camera and the edges are showing on that. My lastest camera has an extended one and it showed the edges when I was looking through it so I removed it. Greg would know for sure. Anyway your pictures are beautiful. Helen

oddb0dkins said...

It's probably caused by your lens hood. It can happen with wide angles if you're not careful. Nice pictures though.

B. x

radar446 said...

The dark corners is caused by vignetting.  Basically the field of view is wider than the lens will allow.  This is either caused by a lens hood, or filters typically.  It can also be caused by using a digital lens on a film body, or in some cases an off brand lens can cause it.  It will go away when you zoom in a little bit.

Do you remember what setup you were using at the time?  Were their filters attached, how about a lens hood, and was it on properly?


preciousone25 said...

Great pics... I think the effect (the dark corners) are cool.... 'course I'm NOT a photographer, but still.... = )


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