Monday, September 15, 2008

Things I noticed

     Greg among others recommended I bring both camera's which I did.  I am so glad.   I have always been more of a point and shoot picture taker.  The canon requires more set up and thought process, at least for me right now.  The above picture was with the soni.
The bottom one with the canon.  You can tell we had lots of cloudy days.  I like the quality of both pictures but I think the Canon wins.

     However..... for pictures of animals that wouldn't stand still, this wild mustang walking down the road at Theodore Roosevelt National Park I needed the soni.  For the Moose....I needed the Soni, any fast moving animal like Antelope....the soni.  by the time I got the Canon set up I just got butt shots.   Does it get quicker as you get used to the camera?

    Now taking shots around here is going to be difficult.  Sigh.  Time to travel again.


madcobug said...

Not meaning to disagree with you on the pictures or cameras but I like the first picture the best. It looks to be much clearer to me. All your pictures have been great. I did see both salamanders the first time I looked in the other entry. Very good picture it was. Helen

radar446 said...

Yes, the Canon will get quicker to set up and use as you get used to it.  Actually, it will be better for moving subjects when you get used to it...much less shutter lag.  As you become better aquainted with the Canon you will probably find that you like it better than the Sony.  It is a much more capable camera, but does require a bit more work before the capture.  I was worried when I switched from the F828 to the 40D that I would miss the Sony.  Now, I have come to the conclusion that the Canon does everything better and quicker than the Sony.  There are still things that I need to look up in the manual, but those days are getting fewer and further between.

I'm glad that you took my advice and brought both cameras with you.  For now, you are much more comfortable with the Sony, and therefore you will do better work with it.  However, in the future, that will change, and you can get away with only bringing the Canon.


rbrown6172 said...

wonderful pix!  from both cameras.  :)

nanmm11 said...

All your photos were great but I do agree that the cannon shot has much more detail in it and did you use a wide angle lens too? I too have a cannon now for about 4 months or so and yes I too have to get used to planning my shots with it too. Greg is the best teacher at whatever questions you may have also! What a wonderful time you must have had there.

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