Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just happen to have one.

   Nancy mentioned the deer drinking out of the water and just reminded me of this old shot.


madcobug said...

Beautiful shot. Helen

nhd106 said...

This is magnificent.

But when I saw my name mentioned, I had to look back at the past few entries to see if it was THIS Nancy or the OTHER Nancy that said it!  lol.

Again...great shot.

THIS Nancy

rbrown6172 said...

this is a wonderful shot.  

radar446 said...

If anyone would have a picture of a deer, it would be you.  Love the scene you have captured here.


lisadewane said...

That is pretty!  The deer looks kinda outta place there.  

nanmm11 said...

Ahh yes, lol, now all is right within the natural world

gotomaria said...

This is such a lovely photo and the border just adds even more.  Maria

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