Friday, December 26, 2008

Community Photo Challenge, New

For the Community Photo Challenge this week it is to show something new. Post between today and Jan. 1st to play along. I was lucky and extremely happy to get this from my husband. Boy was I surprised and pleased. Now for some good weather so I can go out and play.


MariesImages said...

Oooooooooooo, niiiiiiiiice!
I think I have the same one!!
I love NEW stuff like this...Ü

Missy said...

Whew! I like it!!*M*

Jeannette said...

That's beautiful Julie! I've got the same size one too, have fun with yours! Jeannette xx

D said...

ohhhhhhhhh man it's nice.. maybe someday...

Chrissie said...

Very nice.
Take care, Chrissie

gina said...

this is wonderful. i have one for my camera, but it doesn't have the image stablizer. :( i know you'll have a lot of fun using this!

Connie said...

Details-need details what size-brand and for what camera--oooh I soooo jealous!!
Lucky gal!!!!!

Maria said...

Oh, someday I will graduate to the DSLR's and the huge camera lenses...very nice photo...visit my site for the image of my new camera... My new Camera

Vicki said...

Julie, I can't wait to see the photos you get using the new lens. It's wonderful to be able to extend the reach of your camera and get some closeup shots of far away things. :)

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