Saturday, December 27, 2008

Playing with fog photo's

I actually kind of like this foggy park shot, it looks just like it did when I was there. I haven't touched this shot, but I couldn't help but play with it in picnik

The shot below I added some depth to the trees by contrasting them and increasing the temp until I got this color. The I added the crystallizing effect and moved it around until I got the effect I wanted. It almost looks like the sun is breaking through the fog and trees. After I got the shot the way I wanted I used a museum matte frame to finish it off. And I am pretty happy with the results.


gina said...

i really like the results too. pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Creative edits that brings out a whole new feel to the picture :)

Ackworth born said...

I like these photos but I have to say that I don't like the blog-template with the lines and decorations that overlay the text.

Your foggy treatments are creative.

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