Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monochrome Monday

Go to Alieni's wonderful blog to see the other shots from around the world.

I had fun playing with this photo. Another from my fog series this was almost black and white to start with. I just deepened the contrast and increased my colors initially to give it more depth. Then I made everything black and white except the checker board. To give it a sense of ageand make it a little more dramatic I added some film grain. I am in love with this type of framing technique and having a hard time at the moment convincing myself to use any other type of frame for now. So the finished product.

Here is the untouched photo. You can see it needed to be cropped.


Anonymous said...

You made a good job of that. That style of framing was very popular back aways.

Catherine said...

I love it, it's very creative. Your frame enhances the main subject. Fantastic!

babooshka said...

I do remember that framing. It simple and elegant as an mono image.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Wonderful shot of a simple subject!

Olga said...

What a cool way to bring attention to the chess board! LOVE.

Daryl said...

Nice shot... edited


Mojo said...

Usually when I get vignetting like that in a photo it's an accident. But it does lend interest, intentional or otherwise.

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