Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Our Friday was soupy with fog, you can just make out the ice fisherman on the frozen lake. This is the actual color also, shades of gray.


Annie said...

Love this picture. It reminds me of my youth when I would ice fish with my dad in northern Wisconsin.

Ruth said...

Wonderful picture! We have piles of snow + above freezing temps today which = pea soup fog. You inspire me to look for a shape out there :-)

Yogi said...

Beautiful picture. Gives me an idea why so many people up north go down south for the winter.

FickleMinded said...

lovely! I love the fisherman as a background.
Thanks for visiting mine. :)

*Niina* said...

I love this photo! =)

Steffi said...

Great photo!Perfect shot!

Olga said...

That's a very cool photograph! If one wasn't paying attention, it'd be really easy to miss the person.

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