Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Butterfly files from Loess Hills

  I decided to do this in stages since I took so many pictures yesterday.  We had a blast and did a lot of hiking.  Hiking and the Loess hills go together as to really see you have to walk, and climb and walk some more.  It is worth it.  In the fall the colors are spectacular. 

  Anyway so far I am just going to show some butterfly pictures.  I love taking pictures of bugs as you know Greg.  These didn't sit as still as my dragonfly but I got some really neat shots.

  Now this picture has some flaws I realize but  I still like it.  I love the way the smaller bug is captures also.  I think it is a bee.


   I like the colors of this picture from the flower, the butterfly, to the background.

   I always really loved flower pictures also and started my first journal just doing the flowers I grow.My Flower Garden

  I thought about cropping the next picture but decided I liked the contrasting tree behind it so left it as it was.


  The bee was unknown to me until I downloaded the pictures.  Nice addition though.

   I decided to add the pictures in the album format also because they can be viewed full size.  I think the ones I will be showing of the views from the hills would look best viewed that way.


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radar446 said...

Some wonderful shots there!!  I'm starting to feel left out not having butterfly shots of my own.   I like the accidental bee.  I've gotten home and after downloading pictures realized that I had an element in the shot that was not planned.  Most of the time it is a very nice surprise.


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