Saturday, August 5, 2006

More Deer, I know but they want their pictures taken!

   They sit and run around looking so cute they are just begging to have their pictures taken. 

   Someone asked how close I was to these.  I would guess around 8 to 10 feet.  If your not careful they will come right up to you, so I keep backing up.  This one especially keeps coming closer.  The closer it gets the more snorts I hear from Mama deer and the more she stomps the ground.  The little deer ignores her warnings, but I listen as I have been chased before and they are remarkable fast when they are mad.  I learned that by petting one once.


   This is the little male.  You can see where he will get horns some day.

  The little female is the less shy of them.  She keeps coming too close making her mom really nervous.

   This little fawn kept pushing my chimes to make them make noise.  By how fast her tail you could tell she was getting a kick out it.


fisherkristina said...

How sweet.  I like the last photo!


nhd106 said...

I love deer!  You're so lucky to have them so close.  Great shots!

radar446 said...

I'm starting to think you have these little guys on payroll.  I still can't get over how close they come to you, much less how often they drop by.


inquestoftruth said...

On the Natchez Trace yesterday we saw a group of about 5 deer.   Musta been camera shy.   As soon as I got my camera aimed they took off.   :(    Your pics are GREAT!

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