Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Random shots

    I saw this train and wanted a picture because I like the way it is decorated.

                        Isn't this a cool old building!

                                                   Iowa Farmland

     Neat trail at Hitchcock Nature Center.

                                              Rural Road

                                   The Old Barn

                            Neat hill in the Loess Hills

                         Birdhouse, obviously

    I think the tires were to keep the roof from blowing away, didn't work very well did it?

                                  New growth after the fire

                                  Weeds, grasses, whatever

   Omaha, Nebraska in the distance at Hitchcock Nature Center lookout.

                At Con Ag, the watchtower

                   And their water fountains

                     Neat glass building in Omaha


radar446 said...

Some good captures there!  I really like the barn...of course.  The sunset behind the building is very nice.  Keep it up.


fisherkristina said...

I love the water fountains!


nhd106 said...

You take awesome pics!!   Love them all...


rjet33 said...

I found your journal link via Gina's journal (Gina's Space).  I love photo journals and have one of my own.  I love pics of old buildings and barns, plus lots more.  The pics I have seen so far that you have taken are lovely.


dornbrau said...

Don't want you to think I'm a blog-stalker or anything, but I had to share this funny with you.  I have almost the exact same shot of that train!  I took it during a patriotic period while my son was in Iraq.  And those grasses in the sunlight... got them too, almost in the same position.  And your other pictures.... same idea, different subject.
What can I say, I love your style!  hehehehehe.

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