Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Loess Hills Bug Files, Be Warned

  I love taking pictures of bugs.  They sit still, they are so interesting and my camera is really good at getting good shots.  Love the macro lense.

  This interesting bug was all over the scenic lookout.  The color blended in good with the wood. Isn't this a neat bug!




   Next is a really pretty beetle of some sort.  It landed on the very good looking fit young ranger who graciously let it sit there while I got a picture.  I asked him what type of bug it was and he said, "I don't know, I hope not the dreaded really pretty bug with the nasty painful bite bug."


Even flys are not immune to my camera's eye.


    The next pictures are graphic!  Now I am not fond of spiders, not fond at all.  Even I however feels sort of sorry for the fate of this spider.  It is not dead.  It has been stalked and captured by a spider wasp.  The wasp paralysed the spider and then drags it back to its nest.  There it lies a single egg on the spider.  When the larvae hatch it eats the spider alive.  Yikes I am glad I wasn't born a spider.Spider Wasp: pictures, information, classification and more




  Now the wasp didn't sit still like the other bugs,  it was busy dragging that large spider all over the shelter.  The spider was bigger then my thumb, big hairy spider and little wasp was hauling it all over.  Neat in a morbidly facinating way.

  I am working on getting my scenary pictures up soon.  There are so many I am having trouble deciding which to put on.   I will probably put the flowers in my other journal, My Flower Garden

   So what do you think?  Like the bugs?


inquestoftruth said...

I liked that one colorful   bugs are bugs!!

nhd106 said...

Well,   I like the PHOTOS!  lol

radar446 said...

Not much on them in person, but you seem to have a blast photographing them, so I guess they are OK by me.  I do like the way you capture them in their natural setting instead of catching them and sticking them to a piece of clay so they don't move.  Don't laugh, this has been done many times by insect photographers, not that I agree with it mind you.


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